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A professional Call of Duty streamer who brandished a gun on stream and accidentally fired a round into his desk has been.

“So many people require a lot of focus or attention, space to ask questions and react, and Twitch is perhaps a little too.


should adopt policies akin to its rival streaming service Mixer, which does not have a dress code in its terms of service.

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On Thursday, Comscore announced that the measurement company has partnered with Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch to.

Twitch streamer Carl Riemer has been suspended from Twitch and dropped.

Riemer did not immediately respond to VICE’s.

ROCCAT partners with Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect – Dr Disrespect has twice been named Streamer of the Year by the Esports Awards and has over 3.8 million followers and over 150.

The video shows the Twitch streamer brandishing a pistol. Suddenly, the gun goes off, blasting debris off of his desk as he.

Not long after this stream, Greekgodx told his Twitter fans that he had been banned from Twitch for an unknown amount of time.