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They provide a visual preview of your app along with your app description. You can provide one to five screenshots formatted as .png, .jpg, or .gif files. Screenshots should be 1366 x 768 pixels with.

Flickr is designed for presenting your shots rather than just storing them, so it’ll only display JPEG, GIF and PNG images.

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and Philadelphia is jumping on the bandwagon en masse. It’s such a big movement, even non-Philly fans are joining the fun: on.

Convert PNG Images to Transparent GIF Using PhotoShopBuild a Native Desktop GIF Searcher App Using NodeGui – const url = ‘’; const res = await axios.get(url, { params: { api_key: GIPHY_API_KEY, limit: 25, q: searchTerm, lang: ‘en’, offset: 0, rating: ‘pg-13’ } }); return.

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