Plug In WordPress launched WordPress 5.5 with lazy loading, sitemap, automatic plugin/theme updates, plus block editor,

Take your website to the next level with the Mega 2020 WordPress Plugin bundle for $29.99, a 99% savings as of Aug. 6.  In.

While many WordPress plugins have free versions, you can also find pirated copies of the pro or premium versions.

A high severity bug found in Facebook’s official chat plugin for WordPress websites with over 80,000 active installations could allow attackers to intercept messages sent by visitors to the vulnerable.

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WordPress 5.5 update breaking Plugins, leaving site owners frustrated! Here’s the fix! – Many website owners have been reporting problems with the plugins installed, after installing WordPress v5.5. Jquery-migrate.

In the not so distant past, you needed to be well-versed in HTML along with a handful of other complicated programming.

The newly updated WordPress 5.5 contains a feature that prevents rogue plugins from taking over WordPress sites. The change.