Alternative Google Maps

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Google Maps is getting a lot more detail – Google says it used satellite imagery as the basis for its redesigned maps and that this has had a “new color-mapping.

Google Maps will have you navigating around like a champ in no time. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, here are your favorite.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are great apps for drivers, as they help reach a specific destination much faster, often.

As Coywolf’s Jon Henshaw pointed out in a blog post, Apple has recently been listing more job announcements for search.

Apple’s ambitious goal is to turn Apple Maps into a fully-featured alternative to Google Maps, so the company has put a lot.

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Google Photos became the company’s ninth product to reach one billion monthly active users. Can you name the other eight?

Google Maps is getting a significant update that will bring more detail and granularity to its map, with changes that.

Google Maps will also update users with road closures and provide them with directions that help them avoid danger and.