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25/01/2019  · According to the official Stats Page, as of posting this article, roughly only 23% of the users have already gone ahead to upgrade to a supported PHP version.A very small amount (11%) are using PHP 7.1, yet another 11% use PHP 7.2, and just 0.4% are actually using the newly released 7.3 version of the scripting language.

31/08/2019  · How do I Update my PHP Version in WordPress Hostgator? Using the PHP Selector option you can easily upgrade or downgrade PHP version of your website hosted in Hostgator hosting provider. The process is really quick and simple that anyone can follow. Step 1: Login to your Hostgator Control Panel. Step 2: Find the PHP Selector option on your control panel. This is.

The following are the various versions of WordPress, listed chronologically from the oldest to newest, along with the Change Log information on new features and improvements in each version. NOTE: WordPress core developers share a love of jazz music, and since WordPress 1.0 all major releases are named in honor of jazz musicians they admire.

09/01/2018  · Yes, in the long run, you will have problems with WordPress if you don’t update your PHP version. For example, WordPress 5.2, which just came out, raised the minimum supported PHP version to 5.6.20. This development is likely to continue in the future. Therefore, your best bet is to update to the latest version of PHP. As the article states, this also comes with a number of.

More than 1.7 million sites designed on the WordPress platform have been attacked due to a zero-day vulnerability in the File.

The latest version of PHP has been developed to be more performant and efficient than former versions of PHP, so updating can make your WooCommerce store up to 3-4 times faster. Security PHP is the world’s most popular web programming language and, similar to WordPress, is.

Hackers actively exploiting severe bug in over 300K WordPress sites – Hackers are actively exploiting a critical remote code execution vulnerability allowing unauthenticated attackers to upload.

31/07/2020  · Upgrading PHP versions in WordPress is a good start, but there are obviously many other speed factors. Cheers, Tom. Yo, I’m Tom. I write tutorials on WordPress speed optimization and SEO. I also donate a good chunk of my blog’s income to GoFundMe campaigns. Check out my bio to learn 50 random and disturbing things about me. No BS hosting reviews. 1. Testing the speed of 17 WordPress.

22/03/2018  · In December 2015, PHP version 7 was launched, and if you paid attention, you noticed that almost all the popular WordPress hosting companies (like SiteGround, Bluehost, etc.) switched to PHP 7. As an end-user, the PHP version really matters as it can speed up your blog by a considerable amount.

Security researchers have discovered that hackers are actively exploiting a vulnerability in the WordPress plugin File.

A zero-day vulnerability in WordPress’ popular File Manager plugin allowed hackers to take control over websites.

Hackers have been exploiting the vulnerability, which is now patched: Users should update to File Manager version 6.9 ASAP.

The developers of the WordPress File Manager plugin have patched an actively-exploited security issue permitting full website.

Hacked WordPress sites are being defended by their attackers – The security flaw was first discovered by the security firm Defiant who recorded attacks on over 1.7m WordPress sites that.

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The zero-day vulnerability in File Manager plugin could allow uploading malicious PHP files to the site. Patch available.

11/07/2019  · The Process of Benchmarking. We tested WordPress version 5.1 against different versions of PHP. Server Configuration: Linode with 2 cores processor, 4GB RAM, and 48GB SSD PHP versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. Dummy content (10 posts per page) generated from; Number of concurrent users: 15 Duration: 60 seconds OPCache memory: 128MB I wanted to test out WordPress.